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Summer is just around the corner, and without a doubt, a great number of couples are planning to tie the knot on a beach. You can’t blame them: the sand, the ocean, and crystal clear blue sky make for a perfectly stunning backdrop. However, just like any venue, it’s easy to make mistakes while planning a beach wedding in Oahu. Here are 4 common mistakes to avoid while putting together your seaside vows.

Picking the wrong beach site:

Not all beaches are created equal, particularly when it is a public beach where you might be getting tangled in front of a bunch of unfamiliar people! Be certain to find a stretch of beach that is long and wide, allowing for people to spread out. Avoid Waikiki! Stick to the eastern or northern shores.


Sticking to the traditional beach wedding theme:

Let’s face it, beach weddings in Oahu are beautiful. They’re all about the wonderful simplicity of nature, the feeling of sand underneath your feet and the soothing sounds of waves crashing in the background.  

You don’t have to wear white! You’re free to add any color you like and of course embellishments such as crystals, flowers, foliage, and driftwood can add even more grace to your already breathtaking theme. Contact a local florist on Yelp to get help with natural arrangements made from local plants. The most important part of a beach wedding is no doubt the view, so keeping the decor simple and elegant will aid you in maximizing that astounding view.

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Choosing the wrong outfit:

If you are dreaming about a black tie affair, with your male guests in tuxes and you’re in a princess ball gown, then beach wedding may not be for you. Not only will you & your guests be too uncomfortable in the extreme heat & humidity, but that type of outfit simply won’t work with the overall ambiance of a beach. Choose light fabrics that flow with the breezes for ladies, and maybe some rolled up khakis and a linen button up for the boys. Also be prepared for light to moderate breezes! Ladies have a secondary option to have the hair pulled back if it gets too crazy out there.

Hiring an inexperienced wedding photographer:

You can’t find a better backdrop than a beach to capture amazing wedding photos. The issue here is not all professional wedding photographers in Oahu know how to deal with a beach wedding. Only a professional with adequate experience and technical know-how can deal with the often unfavorable lighting, unpredictable wind gusts and other outdoor elements that may come during a beach wedding photography.

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To bring the best out of you on your beach wedding, you should work with someone who knows exactly how to handle the sunshine, sand and surf alike.

Consider Brandon Smith Photography as your one-stop beach wedding photographer in Oahu and let his experience do the rest. For consultation, feel free to call us at 808.312.7936 or email basmithphotos@gmail.com!